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Google Sites: Page Management

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Page management

Move pages

  1. Click and hold onto the page you want to move.

    how to drag the page to where you'd like it to be

  2. Drag the page up or down the list.
  3. You can even put a page within another page and creates a drop down menu that you can rearrange to your liking.

    navigation bar showing how you can have a page within a page       list of pages in your site showing how a page can be within a page

You can add a subpage to a current page you have created. If you create a page and drag it to another page, why would you need a subpage? Each page is made to have different content of its own, you'd want a subpage if you have another page going off the same content as a main page.

To add a subpage:
  1. Click on the page menu in google sites on the page you'd like to add a subpage to.

    add a subpage from page menu

  2. Click on Add Subpage.

    add a subpage in google sites

  3. Give your subpage a name and you can edit the page and move it.
    name the subpage you have added

Save a page as a template

In the new Google Sites, you don't have to save pages as templates. When you create a page it's automatically a template until you press the publsih button in google sites button. 

Delete pages

  1. Click on the page menu options icon on the right of the page you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete

Recover a deleted page
The new Google Sites doesn't offer revision history or a trash bin to recover deleted pages or sites. This feature is slowly being added by Google from its classic site.

Embed in your Site (a window of another site inside of yours)

Creating links to anchors makes it so that you can link to a specific point on an external web page. This is especially helpful for pages with an index referring to a long list of content.

To add an embedded page:

  1. Click on Embed at the top right under the Insert tab.

    where to find embed in google sites

  2. Click on Embed Code.
    embed window

  3. Paste in an embedded link from a website and click Next.

    paste embed code

    *You can even edit codes before you
    edit an inserted embed
    *You edit embeds within the edit page of your site.
    options to edit inserted embeds

  4. To find these codes, they are most likely found in certain menus that say "embed" and it will copy over a code that you paste in here.
    *I went to and found a post to embed. There is an option to embed on that tweet's options.

    embed twitter post optino

    *and then copy that code to paste into Google Sites.

    put code into embed code

Change site URL

Technically you can change your URL in Google Sites. However, when you change the URL it will warn you that any previous custom URLs, external links, and bookmarks will break. 

change your site's URL

For assistance please contact the IT Help Desk by calling 573-341-4357 (HELP), visiting the IT Help Desk on the first floor of the Curtis Laws Wilson Library, or submitting a ticket online at:

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