Set Up Multiple Desktops in Windows 10

How to create new views (task views) in Windows 10

You can make your PC screen easier to manage and less cluttered by organizing your running programs into two or more desktops. Each desktop includes only the windows of the programs that you have assigned to that desktop. For example, you might have a work desktop that includes only a word processor, a spreadsheet, and Microsoft Edge for research; a social desktop that includes only Mail, People, and Calendar; and a media desktop that includes only Music, Photos, and Videos. You can quickly switch from one desktop to another.

Add a New Desktop
  1.  In the taskbar, click Task view ().
  2.  Click New desktop.

 A. Windows creates a new desktop.
 B. Your original desktop is shown as Desktop 1.

Switch to Another Desktop
  1.  In the taskbar, click Task view () (not shown in the picture below).
    • C. Position the mouse over the other desktop to see the programs running within that desktop.
  2.  Click the desktop you want to use.

Windows switches to that desktop and displays its running programs.
Note: Any new programs you launch will now appear only in the selected desktop.

Move a Program to a Different Desktop
  1.  In the taskbar, click Task view () (not shown in picture below).
  2.  Right-click the program you want to move.
  3.  Click Move to.
  4.  Click the desktop to which you want the program moved.
  D. You can also click New Desktop to move the program to a new desktop.
Windows moves the program to the selected desktop.

What shortcut methods I can use?
Press  + TAB to open Task view. To switch between desktops, open Task view, press TAB to select a desktop thumbnail, use < Left Arrow and > Right Arrow to highlight the desktop you want, and then press ENTER. You can also press  + CTRL + D to create a new desktop and  + CTRL + F4 to close the current desktop.

How do I close a desktop?
Click Task view () to display the desktop thumbnails. Move the mouse over the desktop you want to close and then click Close () in the upper left corner of the desktop thumbnail. Windows closes the desktop. If the desktop contained running programs, they are assigned to your original desktop.

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