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Common Google Groups Issues and Solutions

Solutions to common google group issues

Non-Member Owners: 

When this happens, only the listmgr tools are able to add or remove the owner of the Group. 

  1. Remove the owner from the Group using the listmgr tools. 
  2. Add them again as an owner using the listmgr tools or Google’s tools. 

This occurred due to an inconsistency between how the listmgr tools interacted with Google and how Google would add an owner, instead of changing the membership type of an existing member to owner. The code is listmgr has been updated to now add the individual as a member and then change them to an owner of the Group in the same step. There is no visible change from the user’s perspective. 


Group Members/Owners Unable to send email to Google Groups:  

  • Find out what email address the client is using to send email for the individual. 

  • See what email address is listed in the Google Group for that individual. 

    • *a. The address that the email is sent from ( needs to be the exact address listed in the Google Group otherwise they will get a rejection notice. 
  • Add the address they are trying to send to the Google Group ( and then remove the other email address since it is not correct. 

    • a. If the user is using an alias (, you will need to add the alias to the group, but you will not remove any other addresses as that will remove that individual’s ability to access/manage the group. 
  • If the user is an owner, change the membership type of the Group to owner. 


Owner wants multiple users of a Group to be able to send to Owner-Only sending Group but not be able to manage the Group: 

  • Create a Google Group for individuals of a Group that are non-owner that need to send to the Group using Google’s tools. Make note of the email address chosen for the Group. 

  • Populate the Group with the individuals using either Google’s tools or the listmgr tools. 

  • Using listmgr, add the newly created Group as an owner to the Group that they need sending privileges to. 

    • This does not give the members of the sending Group the ability to manage the Group, as one would have to sign in as the Group name, for which no Google user account exists. This only allows the individuals of the sending Group to be able to send email. 


It is easier to manage a separate Group for sending purposes and give a Group owner privileges than to do it on an individual basis.  


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